Jesus Refuge Orphanage Mission South Africa (JROMSA) is a nonprofit, non-denominational, faith based charity organization registered with the Department of Social Development.

JROMSA works in the township province of Gauteng of South Africa and was established to combat the cause of child abandonment in Tembisa and other neighbouring townships. It is registered with the department of social development as a non-profit,and Tax exempted, a non denominational faith based organization.

The overwhelming impact of poverty and HIV on family life and communities is well known. Women, Youth and children are particularly vulnerable to these factors. Jesus Refuge Orphanage Mission South Africa (JROMSA) is responding to the need to provide encouraging and enabling environment for vulnerable children, youth, widows, (HIV AIDS) and disadvantaged community members through its comprehensive community based programs in Gauteng, South Africa.

JROMSA believes that this can be achieved by creating a nurturing environment that develops the mind, the body and the spirit. This is achieved through various support structures that empowers and cares for people who are at risk.


Building the cornerstone (Mathew 21:42) Join a JROMSA project and work with JROMSA field staff, in our rural communities in South Africa, and make a commitment to humanitarian needs


We envision a South Africa and Africa where children are no more stigmatised (maltreated) because government, communities and families are ensuring that they have access to their rights and opportunities for development


We work to empower stigmatised, abused, and street Kids in the Townships of Gauteng, ensuring that they are safe, an accepted and contributing part of families and communities, and are enjoying their rights.


To achieve the needed change, JROMSA employs key strategies and activities such as:

  • Counselling and life skills education for children and families
  • Family strengthening and reintegration
  • Case investigation and monitoring, documentation and litigation
  • Child rescue and medical intervention
  • Community mobilization
  • Building linkages and partnerships with government, sisters organisations and community
  • Basic Education and Literacy

Complementary strategies such as media campaigns, micro-grants, provision of nutritional and hygiene support and vocational training.


JROMSA accomplishes its missions by the supports from members, individuals and corporate institutions, and donors.


  1. Care for orphans, and street kids
  2. Early Childhood development Centre
  3. Skill Development, for the youths
  4. Basic computers skills
  5. Care for HIV/AIDS victims and families
  6. Counseling (VCT)
  7. Economic Development and women Micro-grant
  8. Advocacy


  1. LOVE OF CHILDREN:JROMSA is passionate and committed to improve the lives of vulnerable children; as the child is the focus of our work
  2. GIVING A VOICE TO CHILDREN: JROMSA ensures that children are enabled to communicate their feelings, needs, and concerns, and fully participate in matters concerning them.
  3. KNOWLEDGE WITH INNOVATION: JROMSA has a good understanding of the context of its work and devices groundbreaking and creative strategies to address the issues facing children
  4. PROACTIVITY: JROMSA takes initiatives to ensure prevention and early intervention rather than reacting to incidences of abuse
  5. TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY: JROMSA ensures effective and efficient utilisation of financial and material resources to achieve its objectives and actively communicates same to beneficiaries, trustees, donors, and other stakeholders.
  6. COOPERATION AND COLLABORATION: JROMSA is committed to working together and partnering with other institutions and organisations to engender joint learning, shared goals and mutual support.